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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The yearly transition to spring...some ideas from shim the rhino-in-chief

step 1  rumney sport climbing
step 2  drive 5 hours to the Shawangunks !
step 3  repeat
step 4  hope Cannon Cliff dries out soon...
step 5  ditto for Cathedral and Whitehose ledges.
step 6  back to rumney, try and get strong fingers...

Headed to the New River Gorge on April 23 with 3 folks,  hoping for good weather.  After that its Smith Rocks May 3-7 and the Yosemite valley with Dr Dave Polan from May 12-19.  After that its the Annual New River rendezvous (thanks Sterling Rope) - teaching 2 clinics there May 20 -21  Back to Yosemite on May 28 - June 7 - yahoo ! !

Jim Shimberg aka shim - the fossilized heebie of NH...

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  1. Hey Jim,

    My name is Joel Walker. I found out this morning that I'll be in your trad clinic at Rendezvous and I am fantastically excited for it. My first attempt at leading trad two years ago ended up with my gear zippering out and me decking from about 20-25 feet. I haven't tried it again since. I've been climbing a lot more frequently again recently and I am really looking forward to your and Malcolm's instruction. and also to take that fall on gear that actually catches me for a nice change of pace.

    See you there.