winter 2012

Thursday, June 23, 2011

rain returns

Hello from Campton - rain returns to the area  oh well...  friday supposed to be a Cannon Cliff Day , saturday some sport climbs with Greg Steverson at Rumney - and Sunday with Joe Soloman at Cannon.  Whitney Gilman Ridge is the plan...

  time will tell

hope for the sun

Jim shim  head rhino

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

trip report

The impending rain held off mostly the last 4 days - climbed at Millbrook on friday June 10 - great place, not another soul   we did Cruise Control and the Time Eraser - both Rich Romano routes.   Saturday we climbed with Eric Love and his cross-fit clients (great job Jen Mark Brian and Abbass) from nyc, cloudy weather kept folks away so we climbed Betty and a top-rope next to that, then went to Jackie and Classic, finished the day on Horseman and at 4 pm it rained hard.  we got lucky !   for most of the 5 people it as their first time climbing !  they did awesome (check out  Sunday was an off day as Glenn Strickman and his son Todd didnt make it - I did the skytop run to overcliff road and bouldered around.   On Monday June 13 Dr Jon Martin came up from hartford and we did 9 routes in the Trapps including MF and son of easy O   great day and cool perfect weather,   good to be back in NH even tho its rainy.  next trip ?  Cathedral Ledge on Saturday with Cheryl Duckworth and her 2 nephews... lets climb !    Jim the shim

Sunday, June 5, 2011

rumney and Cannon weekend...

I guided at Rumney saturday - nice cool breeze !  Dan Albert and I had a fun day...   sunday -today = at Cannon cliff - Paul LaFontaine and I climbed Lakeview with many black flies...saw the legendary Chris Ellms and his nice young daughter Jen-Jen   wow can that guy climb !  hes like Andy Tuthill - smooth perfect footwork and always smiling too :)     thanks for helping out my client Ellmsy !

 gunks this weekend, may be working construction in Cape Cod this week (thanks Pablo)

Jim the shim

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

triple H

yup  hot humid and horrible mosquitoes  !  ha   marble sized hail an hour ago, now its clear again.  conway this weekend,  saturday climbing and Sunday guide w Paul LaFontaine, he is leading and psyched

Jim shim