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Saturday, July 30, 2011

cathedral ledge as good as it gets...

Jamie and Cheryl Duckworth, and their nephews from florida - today at Cathedral.  we did Still in Saigon, then toe crack to standard route, then Thin Air   good time had by all   very interesting climbing multi-pitch routes in a party of Five !

ps   hello James P Landau - I need your email and phone # !!


Friday, July 29, 2011

good ol nh

camp Walt Whitman groups !  rumney - perfect weather and nice kids.  great staff led by Narva the great - and we went to Mradows parking lot wall and then today the 5.7 crag  off to catheral tomorrow - saturday July 30 - with Cheryl Duckworth and her nephews   psyched               (please stop raining)


head rhino

Monday, July 18, 2011

into the routine !

real fun guiding the last week or two and stellar sunny weather too.  feel lucky indeed   Evan Metter & I climbed at Rumney Rocks on July 12 and had a fun day and he learned a lot i think   I had a camp group from Walt Whitman - thanks Narva ! - on Thur Bastille Day July 14 - again at rumney nh,   no crowds mid-week is real nice.  On friday July 15 me and Joe Soloman - Belmont MA - travelled to Cannon to climb the Whitney - Gilman Ridge   classic and we did the north wall variation at 5.8 as well.   Joe did awesome too. !
on saturday we battled the weekend crowds at Rumney - went to Jimmy Cliff with two young women from CT - Morgan and Megan - we did clip-it-dee-doo-da and some of the other jimmy cliff routes, plenty of folks out too...On sunday July 17 Dan Albert and I ventured up to Mt Washington and the Northeast Ridge of the Pinnacle Buttress.  long hike in but worth it for sure, Dan cruised the route and we were back to Pnkham Notch by 5pm or so, as dark clouds gathered overhead !  today Paul LaFontaine and I tried echo crag in Franconia Notch but we were rained outta there by 11.30 am, trying again in the am

Jim shim - head rhino

Sunday, July 3, 2011

where did the time go ?

jim shim  head rhino here...    report as of sunday July 3 - just back from guiding out west   now home and hoping for dry rock !  Rumney bugs not bad at    off to Acadia july 5-7  then home for the Boilermaker in Utica NY - 15K classic.    more to follow.  Cristina birthday July 14 - we may be climbing !
Rpose and Dawn say hello ! !

ps  ( and Olivia Rose Sterner is cute cute cute )  - nice job Kristine and Jay !