winter 2012

Monday, October 17, 2011

whitehorse slabs !

Pablo Martinez and Cristina Meireles and I climbed standard route on saturday Oct 15, fun day tho the rock was wet in places.  warm partly sunny day !  weather permitting - the Holderness students will be climbing with Erik Thatcher and I weds -thurs and friday this week.  hoping for dry rock at rumney...

jim shim - head rhino

Friday, October 14, 2011

october rain...

jim shim here - head rhino   update -  holderness school climbing team is crushing this season - nice job to all 7 student athletes who are climbing with Rich Parker, Erik  'the red' Thatcher and if the rock stays dry...  Greg Steverson and I had the Main Cliff to ourselves and Greg did awesome on Underdog and Polly Purebred yesterday   its been amazing watching his progress since our New River Gorge trip in April 2011.   Ben his son is at UVM and doing well.    stay in touch and be well