winter 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

red rocks the classic crimson crysalis

November 2012

Time to ice climb !  although we are headed to Arizona for thanksgiving(and a day or 2 at  Queen Creek clipping bolts...) with my great and fantastic family, the NH weather is cold  and yup - its time to hit the ice.  nothing in Rumney yet, just cruised out there and hiked up Rattlesnake Mt, many rock climbers though ! not much ice if any however...
 even in the winter the Main Cliff and some other crags are downright balmy. 

More soon, the first ice festival is BOZEMAN from Dec 6-10

  psyched,  Jim shim head rhino-in-chief

after Bozeman its Ouray Jan 5-11 then Mountainfest in the Dacks !

Monday, July 23, 2012

lack of blog !

well 2 months later heres the old rhino posting.  sorry about that.  good summer so far, many days at rumney and Cannon Cliff, a few days at cathedral and whitehorse too.  Ted Ryder on the way up for a few days in N conway, and after that some more work with the campers at Camp Walt Whitman in Piermont NH .   a trip to Yosemite in mid-Sept with Dan Albert.  keep climbing.  Jim shim 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

NH sun !

wow the rain stopped and here comes the sun, time to climb !  a great weekend ahead and cinco de mayo, and the big big moon tonite so enjoy it all
Jim shim

Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4 2012 - the rain in NH

Hello from Campton NH - Jim shim here (head rhino in chief) - well the Holderness crew did great at the parking lot wall yesterday, we did 6 climbs even tho wet in spots, great attitudes all around   Thanks to Tiaan and Isabel and Chris and Justin and Stephanie and Sara M and Julia P for staying upbeat at all times ! !  we want to climb today bus - you guessed it - its raining.  only a few weeks left before all these seniors graduate and move on to college, its been a great spring of climbing !   thanks to all who made it happen     js

Monday, April 9, 2012

holderness !

hello from Jim the shim - climbing classes began last week, good weather for our first 3 days - day 1 at parking lot wall, day 2 at the 5.8 crag and day 3 in the meadows, Rumney good as always...climbing tomorrow weds and thurs, hope to see you out there, thanks Erik Tiaan and Richard P for all the help !

shim - head rhino

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

rumney midweek is the best

Matt Wallace and I went to Rumney - climbed at parking lot wall and meadows, hardly another soul there, 35 degrees -  and sunny   8 routes  none harder than 10b   perfect.   on to red rocks  home next tuesday to start Holderness kids climbing program for the season...

Jim shim aka head rhino

Sunday, March 25, 2012


jimshim here ! Just back from 5 days in the Gunks ! climbed with Ted McHugh and Linda, Eric Love and Deb Fastuca, and the wily veteran Glenn Strickman in the Trapps... great time  warm rock   colder again here in NH but hope to rock climb  this week...had a great trip to Joshua Tree Park with Greg and Ben Steverson in early March, we had 2 warm days in the 70s and 2 colder windy days in the 50s - but good times by all.  Really beautiful place.  Hope to be back at Rumney this week - see you there !  weds I fly to Vegas to guide and also work the red rock rendezvous event thru the weekend.  Home april 3   Holderness School rock spring season starts April 4 as well.

shimmy koko pop   Campton NH

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paradox ice weekend !

Just back from N Conway weekend with the wounded warriors and Paradoz Sports  Timmy O'Neill  is a great host !  We had 20 participants on saturday and a few less on Sunday when it was much much colder...N end of Cathedral ledge was our locale.  Bert Severin came over from Vermont along with Nate McKenzie, Chad Hussey and several local guides and climbers including Janet Bergman and Sasha-Erik Eisele.  a good time had by all.  new friends new challenges and kudos to Sean O'Neill and Lisa for climbing with style grace and  desire.  they are both paraplegics.  awesome effort by all.

Jim shim

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paradox ice weekend

Paradox Sports is coming to North Conway - hosted by Timmy O'Neill  and many volunteers - wounded warriors, amputee climbers and other disabled athletes (arent we ALL disabled ?  yes )  and others will be ice climbing sat and sun Feb 11-12.  Fred Wilkinson and Janet Bergman doing a slide show sat eve too.  Chad Hussey and Nate Mckenzie are guiding along with Erik Eisele and others too  Bert Severin coming all the way from VT to join in and help out.  Should be a rollicking fun time and its going to be cold cold too  -13 sat night
full report to follow !  cant wait !

Jim shim

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mid week temps

Hello !  MID WINTER, in the 30s but better than yesterday  we hiked up to look at the Black Dike - it was a river so we went down to echo crags for some ice and mixed climbing.  Paul Lafontaine climbing with me, good fun and we got soaked due to the dripping ice and rock.  This weekend there are 2 ice festivals - Kevin Mahoney will be at the Lincoln NH Vice fest while I head to the VT ice bash in Smugglers Notch - theres ALSO a competition at petracliffs in Burlington VT.     should be a fun weekend so get out and climb !


Sunday, January 22, 2012

family day at Rumney

Dawn Rose and I found time to do three routes in Rumney today   Sunny and in the 20s - good ice too   Yesterday on Jan 21 Andy Felegara and I  had the Mindbender amphitheatre all to ourselves - grey snow flurries all day.
the ice is getting better here with the cold temps, winter is here but yes we need more snow !

Jim shim - head rhino

ps  Conway Ice festival is Feb 2-5  The next weekend is a Paradox Sports event hosted by Timmy O'Neill. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cannon Cliff Jan 18 2012

Black Dike - with Dale Willoughby today, 8 degrees and wind chills to -25 below.  good ice and the whole cliff to ourselves !  3 great pitches with the left-hand finish on pitch 3...  Skidmore College students tomorrow !

Jim  shim

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

cold in NH...finally

Jim shim reporting - cold and windy in NH  12 degrees - and blustery too.    BUT I am headed to the Ouray ice festival manana !  sunny and usually warmer in CO
we shall see.  Cannon in decent shape, nothing great but getting there.  Rumney ice needs a week or more to fatten up, and Newfound lake to all for a happy productive 2012 !

chief rhino