winter 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

mid week temps

Hello !  MID WINTER, in the 30s but better than yesterday  we hiked up to look at the Black Dike - it was a river so we went down to echo crags for some ice and mixed climbing.  Paul Lafontaine climbing with me, good fun and we got soaked due to the dripping ice and rock.  This weekend there are 2 ice festivals - Kevin Mahoney will be at the Lincoln NH Vice fest while I head to the VT ice bash in Smugglers Notch - theres ALSO a competition at petracliffs in Burlington VT.     should be a fun weekend so get out and climb !


Sunday, January 22, 2012

family day at Rumney

Dawn Rose and I found time to do three routes in Rumney today   Sunny and in the 20s - good ice too   Yesterday on Jan 21 Andy Felegara and I  had the Mindbender amphitheatre all to ourselves - grey snow flurries all day.
the ice is getting better here with the cold temps, winter is here but yes we need more snow !

Jim shim - head rhino

ps  Conway Ice festival is Feb 2-5  The next weekend is a Paradox Sports event hosted by Timmy O'Neill. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cannon Cliff Jan 18 2012

Black Dike - with Dale Willoughby today, 8 degrees and wind chills to -25 below.  good ice and the whole cliff to ourselves !  3 great pitches with the left-hand finish on pitch 3...  Skidmore College students tomorrow !

Jim  shim

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

cold in NH...finally

Jim shim reporting - cold and windy in NH  12 degrees - and blustery too.    BUT I am headed to the Ouray ice festival manana !  sunny and usually warmer in CO
we shall see.  Cannon in decent shape, nothing great but getting there.  Rumney ice needs a week or more to fatten up, and Newfound lake to all for a happy productive 2012 !

chief rhino