winter 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

red rocks the classic crimson crysalis

November 2012

Time to ice climb !  although we are headed to Arizona for thanksgiving(and a day or 2 at  Queen Creek clipping bolts...) with my great and fantastic family, the NH weather is cold  and yup - its time to hit the ice.  nothing in Rumney yet, just cruised out there and hiked up Rattlesnake Mt, many rock climbers though ! not much ice if any however...
 even in the winter the Main Cliff and some other crags are downright balmy. 

More soon, the first ice festival is BOZEMAN from Dec 6-10

  psyched,  Jim shim head rhino-in-chief

after Bozeman its Ouray Jan 5-11 then Mountainfest in the Dacks !