winter 2012

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

hello from NH my friends and fellow climbers ! first of all I want to thank JULIA LEDER for posting pictures, providing guidance and knowledge in the cyber world for a fossilized hebrew mountain guide THANKS Julia, I love you ! been to Yosemite recently and going back Oct 9 with Converse Fields to get on El Capitan, feel very lucky Bozeman ice fest Dec 10 Ouray early Jan ( thanks Sterling Rope Co Inc) quick trip to Canmore Nov 1-8 before that

Friday, March 14, 2014

its still winter in NH

hello from Rhino central Jim shim here on to el potrero chico in the early morning BIG WALL sport climbing Phil and Jack Krichilsky good week ahead, after that its New River Gorge with Andy Tuthill flying his NEW Cessna skyhawk down to Charly West (charleston WV) yahoo love that Nuttall sandstone more reports later, this spring and summer its Yosemite in May, the Alps late June, Squamish mid July on to Alaska with Wild Bill Campbell, MD - for king salmon fishing, then Colorado in August, Yosemite for the " FACELIFT" in mid September...what a fun year ahead. I am lucky Jimshim head rhinoceros

Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 2014, the BIG CHILL continues

HELLO EVERYONE, ITS STILL COLD IN nh -2 THIS MORNING, I WILl BE HEADED TO ARIZONA FEB 28 -MARCH 5 the RED ROCK RENDEZVOUS IS MARCH 27- March 30 in VEGAS, baby its a fun time ! join us there at Spring Mountain Ranch in Vegas, great climbing fun people sponsored by MOUNTAIN GEAR